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FL-2 100A/75mV DC Ammeter Energy Meter Current Shunt Resistor

FL-2 100A/75mV DC Ammeter Energy Meter Current Shunt Resistor

  • Voltage measurement range 0.0V-100V
  • Current test range 0-999mA, 0-10A, 0-50A, 0-100A (4 ranges available)
  • Power supply range DC4-30.0V
  • Voltage error 0.1%
  • Current error 1%
  • External shunt specifications 75 milliohms
  • Working current < 20mA
  • Refresh rate ~300mS/time
  • Display method Double three digit 0.28 "LED digital tube
  • Display color Red + red, red + blue. Optional
  • Lead length 15cm
  • Dimensions 48 x 29 x 22 mm, Long x wide x thick
  • Mounting holes 46 x 27 mm
  • net weight 0.03Kg
  • Operating temperature -10℃~65℃

The shunt is mainly composed of manganese copper sheet and copper joint, and there are two sets of terminal buttons on the connector at both ends of the shunt: The outside group is a potential end button, which is connected with the power cord, and the inner side is a group of potential end buttons for connecting with the measuring instrument.

FL-2 Series shunt has the accuracy: 0.5, Specification range: 10a~5000a, two times voltage: 75mV.

Note: This product is the national standard shunt, non-B-class shunt, this product conforms to jb/t 9288-1999, GB/t 7676-1998, IEC 61010-1:1999 standards, beware of some businesses will B-class shunt when the national standard splitter for sale.


Specification for stationary fixed-value shunt splitter


Application: Stationary fixed-value shunt is a kind of external divider which is applicable to the measurement of direct current under 10kA directly acting on the analog display instrument together with the use to enlarge the DC current measurement range, or as a standard resistor for current sampling in a sequential circuit, the sampling voltage may be considered as an analog signal of the primary current used for measurement.

Main technical parameter

1, accuracy Grade: 2~4000a;0.5 level: 5000~10000a;1 level.
2, environmental conditions: -40~+60℃, relative temperature ≤95% (35 ℃).
3, overload performance: Rated Current 120%, 2 hours.
4, Voltage drop: 50mv60mv70mv100mv

5, under the load heating: The temperature rise changes tend to stabilize, the rated current 50A below no more than 80 ℃, rated current 50A above 120 ℃.


Schematic diagram of shunt connection



Attention matters

First, the shunt circuit of the cable (or copper row) and shunt connection is not allowed to have artificial contact resistance, two times voltage sampling point can not be sampled from the sampling point. Second, the actual use of the current (long time) recommended no more than 80% of the rated current.



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