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The question of how to chooseTV box

  • Author:Esmart
  • Source:Esmart
  • Release on :2017-10-25
1. say hardware first, to put it bluntly, the hardware core of smart TV is the two part: screen and arithmetic unit.
The screen is low consumption products, basically a few years do not need to replace, and the remaining need to replace the operation unit, that is, CPU, memory and so on.

The replacement of CPU and memory can be realized by changing boxes. At present, the mainstream box is affected by the market audience, there are few high-end hardware Android Smart TV Box, most of the configuration only 1G memory, there are some 512M. The disadvantage of Android system is obvious, 1G memory leads to long time necessary card. So the hardware is still more important.

2.again software - the user is most concerned about is the amount of film and television capacity.

Affected by SARFT, vendors are not allowed to install APK interface, but the historical trend there, the user needs there, commercial interests there, can ignore radio and television at present. No matter how rare the content of the Internet TV BOX HDMI input that you bought, how poor the user experience, most of which can be downloaded from the smart TV dedicated application market to other app to make part of the compensation.

Of course you have to take the application market to your box, because SARFT said: application market Media player HDMI input built-in absolute no video on demand application, so the application comes with the basic market is useless.

Because of copyright issues, and most of the content box is relatively small, only its own resources, of course, there are some applications of several video content aggregation together, more than a few app, want to see what resources to the corresponding app, although the trouble spots.