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The TV box entered the era of exquisite competition

  • Author:Esmart
  • Source:Esmart
  • Release on :2017-06-15
In the scenario-based business layout, smart TVS and boxes are given higher status. The PC and tablet are the first screens to dominate the desktop Internet scene. Smartphones, the second screen, dominate the mobile Internet scene. Smart TVS and smart android tv box, as the third screen, are important layouts in smart home Settings. 

The battle for smart home, an industry that once had a fierce entrance, is now a publicity stunt. Smart TV, smart phone, router, new Android TV Box with Android 6.0, camera, who is the entrance to the smart home? There is already a clear sense in the industry that there is no such thing as a core product in a smart home scenario. It is irresponsible for users to add a variety of features to the entry layout, and to use the marketing of the mouth with the mouth.

After irrational exuberance, the television box market presents three main features.There is no denying that this is a rite of passage for new things. The television box has been through five stages in six years, from chaos to regulation.

Three years 2010-2012 is the start-up period and exploration, TV makers and Internet enterprises struggle to become the largest watch, for now, TV makers have already lost to the Internet. In 2013, it was a long run of copycat boxes, where there was a market and profit, and shanzhai was a symbol of irrational exuberance. The 2014-2015 period was a period of regulation and regulation, and under the guidance of regulators, television boxes began to compete in an orderly manner. There are three main features of the market:

First, growth. Strict regulations do not "kill" the growth of the industry, the irrational madness of 2013 and the steady growth. Both the online and offline markets have maintained good growth.

Second, refine. Since 2015, the number of Full hd android tv box sold has declined as a whole.

Third, return to product basics. Judging from the release of several big branded box products this year, focus on the product itself.