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Take you to unlock the mystery of the TV stick

  • Author:Esmart
  • Source:Esmart
  • Release on :2018-01-13
What is the TV stick? What kind of TV suit for TV stick? What are the wonderful features of the TV stick? As if on the Android TV stick, there is a mystery and wonderful unspeakable! Today custom android stick pc supplier china for everyone to unlock the mystery of the TV stick, to see how the TV sticks are used! 

As the name suggests, TV sticks is a USB sticks that can watch TV. U disk looks exactly like the computer into the USB interface that is automatically run, similar to the media player can watch more than 6,000 television stations worldwide, listening to more than 20,000 radio stations, life-long free. TV stick signal from the server, transmitted to the computer through the network receiver. Low-end TV stick server usually uses domestic server, due to domestic laws and regulations, easy to be investigated. TV stick comes with software running in memory, limited storage media read and write, so can avoid infection with the virus. High-end TV sticks using foreign servers, security, reliability has greatly improved. Low-end TV stick server usually use domestic server, due to domestic laws and regulations, easy to be blocked, this TV stick has a short service life. Of course, there is no such concerns when you use the android tv stick hdmi input

In fact, the work of the TV stick is equivalent to online live online TV program installed on them to provide usb storage equipment to go above. Limited to read and write storage media, so to avoid infection with the virus. The set of live programs, not going through the hard drive, should be read directly from their storage device into memory and run in memory. 
TV stick is very simple to use, the principle of the TV stick is nothing more than that, as long as the TV stick into the computer, you can see the world's scenery. Into the player interface, the overall very simple, followed by the upper left corner of the TV channel selection, global radio channels - online game channels - real-time video of cities around the world. Right-click the screen, you can choose the screen scaling. Freely adjust the screen size display. The upper right corner of the screen for the volume control keys and radio search function. In this regard, android hdmi tv stick had a good job.