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TV box these hidden functions, you know?

  • Author:Esmart
  • Source:Esmart
  • Release on :2017-09-07
Since the listing of the Android streaming box HDMI Input has been widely welcomed by users, especially online video and APP can be extended to install the application, comprehensive coverage of the film and television, games, shopping and all aspects of life, in fact, the smart TV box in addition to the rich application in online video, APP, and some of the more distinctive and easily overlooked I'll go with you today, the breakdown of these "familiar and strange" function:

Function 1: wireless router function
Basically from the Android Smart TV Box after Android5.1 with a wireless router, set in the system, network settings, which you can find related settings, the main function can be realized as a wireless router function (including dial-up and WiFi hotspots), can also have dial wired network into a WiFi hotspot network relay function. For example, home wireless router in the living room, shoe room, WiFi signal is not good, in the room using this function, you can cover the WiFi signal in the room.

Function 2: LAN sharing
LAN is an integral part of the smart home, but also the most basic link, Home Furnishing digital access, carrying most of the contents of local high-definition video playback, and APP shared installation is the smart box using two service most, now only after the download in the computer terminal or mobile phone terminal sharing it can through LAN browse APP installation and content resources.

Function 3: wireless screen
Wireless voting we should not be unfamiliar, the current listing of the smart TV Box android Support True Dolby Digital can basically by installing third party software to achieve the screen cast, support for Apple Devices airplay protocol and Andriod DLNA protocol, as long as the mobile device and the box connected to the same LAN, apple devices can click the Airplay button to select the corresponding box name the mobile phone screen and sound into TV; in the use of Android device for playback in the upper right corner of the screen to find the "DLNA screen" button, click to select the box corresponding to the name of the video will be voted out, note that DLNA just voted screen video or music, can not be the mobile phone screen and voice cast out.

Function 4:USB interface
Finally, to talk about the USB interface, in addition to the USB mobile memory access routine, USB interface is also a very good performance of expansion interface, can be extended to realize wireless microphone karaoke, also can realize the wireless game controller to play games, external camera free drive microphone combination can help software can realize video etc..