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HDMI cable will be the new standard in the future

  • Author:Esmart
  • Source:Esmart
  • Release on :2017-06-25
HDMI carries both car stereo

To attach your TV for your receiver or DVD player used to involve multiple cables, whether it be analogue RCA or digital toslink. This always involved multiple runs of cable - usually one seeking video the other set for audio. Not only does HDMI combine all video signals together, it also includes full digital audio. Which means for whatever application, whether going from a TV to receiver, or projector to Blu Ray player, you won't ever want more than the usual cable to be run per connection. This not only saves space, trouble and reduces mess, this means you will only have to purchase one cable.

HDMI will be the new standard

Once we move further into the new century, the computer and flat-screen TV marketplace is moving increasingly more into standardising all connections. USB, for instance, has replaced almost all short distance data connections. HDMI looks is the new and widespread standard for many AV applications. While it is not expected that we will lose the ability to utilize other connections such as DVI, RCA or SCART, it's in no doubt that eventually we are going to look to almost exclusively use HDMI for common AV appliances.

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