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Great invention - TV box

  • Author:Esmart
  • Source:Esmart
  • Release on :2017-05-20
TV development process

In 1924, the British inventor Baird invented the world's first TV - mechanical television.

In 1933, Zvorkin invented the embryonic form of modern television - electronic television.

In 1958, Tianjin wireless electronics factory to create China's first black and white TV, named "Beijing", was hailed as: "China's first screen." In the same year, television began to pilot.

In 1970, China's first color TV was also born in Tianjin.

In 1974, the Beijing Hotel was fitted with China's first cable TV, which had to be laid on cable.

In 1988, China successfully launched synchronous satellites. Two years later, the satellite relayed the launch of the Asian satellite on the 1st, from this moment has opened the prelude to China's satellite TV.

90 years, the TV can be regarded as universal in China, every household has a TV. Transmission technology from the cable to the satellite, the TV industry is getting better and better.

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Now there is a TV box which is a small computing terminal equipment, as long as the simple through the HDMI or color line technology and other traditional TV connection, you can in the traditional TV to achieve web browsing, network video playback, application installation, and even Place your photos and videos from your cell phone, tablet, and video into a large-screen TV at home.